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We apply latest methodologies ranging from machine learning to econometrics relying on best-of-breed frameworks for scalable data analysis. The IT infrastructure of several large regional universities serves us as a reliable and powerful foundation. Our laboratory enables us to track eye movements and analyse physiological user data (like heart rate and skin conductance) in real-time.

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... in collaboration with selected Industry Partners

  • Access to skilled and talented resources
  • Joint Teaching: Practical seminars, case studies
  • Joint Research: Projects, Scholarhips
  • Continuous inflow of cutting-edge research
  • Industry Membership to support the network


Research Areas

Our research is currently focused on but not limited to the following topics.

Blockchain & DLT

  • Advancing Blockchain Technology
  • Building local energy markets
  • Analyzing Cryptocurrency Markets & Trading

Digital Finance

  • Designing Robo Advisory UIs
  • Analyzing Social Trading Platforms
  • Nudging & Choice Architecture

Sharing Economy

  • Social Interaction Analysis
  • Trust Building and Privcay Issues
  • Crowd Analytics

Latest Activity